Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

About Us

Block by Block Capital has built a global operational presence, focused on cryptocurrency arbitrage and blockchain/ICO advisory. Within the past year, we’ve turned over nine-figure volume in crypto-to-fiat arbitrage and have now rolled forward our private capital into our own private hedge fund. We have also been appointed strategic advisors for a few of our portfolio investments, and have since helped them achieve growth milestones in their go-to-market strategy. Our company vision is to operate in a way that stabilizes and grows the global crypto market, while simultaneously connecting the fragmented pockets of the global blockchain community. We will achieve our goals by uniting our hedge fund and advisory services with a complete treasury management service offering.


As our operations expand, we need our team to grow so we can continue to deliver excellence across a harmonized business front. We have a presence in the primary industry hubs such as US, Korea and Singapore, but now strongly believe that centering our Asian operations to be primarily Singapore-based will keep us as the forefront of the booming crypto industry. Join our Singapore team as the first hire outside of our passionate founding team and help us drive industry innovation as our lead engineer.

Position Description

You will have hands-on responsibility to help shape our core lines of business: treasury management and building the tech infrastructure that drives our hedge fund algorithms and trade execution. Beyond this, you should have the flexibility and autonomy to lay out the future engineering team needs. In addition, we offer the opportunity to explore the blockchain world through technical research and involvement in our advisory business.


  • Hands-on development of our core business and tech stack

  • Working with our hedge fund investment manager to iterate and automate trade algorithms

  • Helping to build automated arbitrage tools to increase the funds profitability with global arbitrage

  • Overseeing security and accuracy of trade execution and portfolio management

  • Further our teams fundamental understanding of blockchain through deeper technical research and learning in blockchain and related technology

  • High-level support on advisory contracts when tech insights are valuable

  • Building out our global tech team and outside partnerships over time



  • BA or higher in computer science, information technology or cryptography

  • 8+ years experience in tech with some exposure to senior management roles

  • 2+ years experience in finance industry

  • Full stack engineer preferred with focus on C#, GoLang, C++, REST API, AWS/networking

  • Agile product development mentality is required

  • Basic understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

  • Mobile app or consumer product development preferred

  • Great communication skills and fluent in English

    • Ability to speak Korean is a bonus

  • Solid executive document creation skills

  • Lean and scrappy startup mentality

  • Passionate about finance, new technology, blockchain, IoT, and hardware

We offer

  • Competitive compensation package

  • Opportunities to shape our company’s overall investment strategy

  • High degree of professional autonomy

  • Opportunity to enter the blockchain industry and develop new skills

  • Extremely passionate and driven team environment

  • Some degree of special project autonomy for your personal interests


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