Investment Philosophy

BXB Capital applies a comprehensive strategy, relying on the fundamental principle of investing: diversification. We strive for consistent returns, while reducing capital risk exposure.

Diversification is the backbone of the financial world. It’s not a secret, it’s just a fundamental principle that guides our every action. We apply this not only to our investment approach, but also our company structure. We believe in building a well balanced team, with a diverse skill set that gives us the ability to evaluate the investment opportunities presented.

Investing with intelligence is our premier guiding principle. It comes from understanding cost of capital, the risk free rate, and the average market return. A structured approach, with a portfolio optimized and well balanced between these three core philosophies, is our recipe for stable growth and success.

Block by Block Capital Fund I

The primary object of our fund is to achieve a pure alpha return within the global cryptocurrency and traditional futures markets through a long-short investment strategy. We are not an index fund and we are not content with passively riding the market up- and down-swings.


The fund leverages multiple global exchanges and OTC trading, but primarily focuses on the Euro/American and Asian Pacific markets. The global nature of the team gives us access to a greater breadth and scope of the entire market, with additional benefits of global arbitrage access.

Our in-house strategies are derived from our team’s experience, history and proven track record in developing and executing proprietary trading algorithms in the securities and commodities markets. To adapt to the cryptocurrency markets, we apply a combination of what would be considered fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Our technical analysis on price movement is similar to what’s traditionally used on financial securities, such as currencies or commodities, yet reflective of the intricacies within this industry. Guiding the decision making process is a multitude of technical indicators and other proprietary algorithms; however, we modify our fundamental analysis to better fit the movements of the cryptocurrency market. In this sense, our fundamental analysis incorporates our deep understanding of, and ongoing research into, the underlying technology, development teams, traction in the market, and long term viability.

About our Chief Investment Officer

Carl F. Petersen, with almost 40-years of money management experience, started designing quantitative and technical strategies back in the early 1980’s. He started his career in banking, was transferred overseas as the youngest bank employee in Danish history, and grew to become one of the early pioneers of algorithmic trading. By the time he was 23, he had worked in Copenhagen, London, and Luxembourg.


Over the years, he propelled his career to where he is today by utilizing his aptitude with math, technical analysis and in particular, behavioral economics, as it related to investing and trading in Equities, Fixed Income, and especially Forex. As the co-founder, president and chief investment officer of his own wealth management firm, Carl F. Petersen Inc., he has set the direction of the company and overseen all trading for the past 35 years.


In his partnership capacity as Chief Investment Officer of the Block by Block Capital Fund, he works directly with our CEO on the design and implementation of our investment strategies.

Carl F. "Clef" Petersen

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