Our Beginning Blocks

Founded in early 2017 as a private fund, our co-founders established BXB Capital from their passion of emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Our initial building blocks started with crypto arbitrage and prop trading across the Korean-American markets.

Empowered by success, over the course of 2018 we established a prop trading arm and launched KRWb, the world’s first Korean Won fiat-backed stablecoin in a bid to solve underlying market efficiencies between Korea and the global crypto economy. In 2019, we successfully exited our stablecoin venture and partnered with industry giants who wanted access to the Korean markets.

During the boom of a developing industry, our strategy has been to diversify our portfolio across various investments and opportunities. With the global regulatory landscape becoming more clear, we've continually refined our business objectives. Throughout 2020, we’ve continued to scale our tech team, capital deployments and have shift our primary focus to advancing our trading capabilities that target 24/7 crypto market activity. 

We never relinquish our pursuit to expand our abilities and areas of expertise in an effort to support the growth and adoption of the industry, one block at a time.

Building A Global Brand

Building a global footprint allows us to connect and align with the top entrepreneurs, technologists, liquidity providers, investors and activists in this space. Local pockets of entrepreneurs, developers and industry enthusiasts are stronger when linked together and to align with an industry that prides itself on being decentralized and distributed, our mission is to expand our network in an effort to do the same.

With primary ties to Singapore, United States, British Virgin Islands and South Korea, we can connect these local communities and more into a global network, block by block.

BXB Capital key location map