Our Beginning Blocks

Founded in early 2017, our co-founders established BXB Capital from their passion of emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Our initial building blocks started with global crypto arbitrage, prop trading, and exploring the APAC, US, India and Europe markets.

While the global regulatory landscape continues to develop, our business adapts with it. Since inception, we have evolved and refined our focus by diversifying a portfolio across various emerging technology investments and opportunities. As the underlying technology continues to mature, we've expanded our research, analysis and hiring to focus efforts on identifying opportunities ripe for new technology applications.


Expanding our global footprint allows us to connect and align with the top entrepreneurs, technologists, liquidity providers, investors and activists in this space. We have increased our abilities and areas of expertise that have helped support development of the broader industry.

As we expand operations, add new strategic partners, and integrate ourselves deeper into the emerging community, our identity is ever-changing. While we consider ourselves a hybrid "Keiretsu" in the making, it's clear we aspire to support this industry one block at a time.

Building A Global Brand

To fit in with an industry that prides itself on being decentralized and distributed, our mission is to build a global footprint that allows us to do the same. Local pockets of entrepreneurs, developers and industry enthusiasts are stronger when linked together.

With primary operations in Singapore, South Korea, United States, and British Virgin Islands, we can connect these local communities and more into a global network, block by block.

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