Our Team

JJ Petersen


I bought my first stock when I was 12, have been actively trading and investing since 2005, and became the youngest licensed investment advisors in the State of Arizona in 2007. With over 15 years of investing experience, to say trading and investing is a calling would be an understatement.


I earned my degree in Computational and Mathematical Finance, and have leveraged it to help develop proprietary trading algorithms for our family’s wealth management business. Giving back to the financial community is important, and I spend free time advising early-stage startups pro bono, as well as sit on multiple advisory boards.


After entering the crypto space in early 2017, my background in PC hardware allowed me to become an equity partner in a mine, supporting operational and financial optimization. The prospect of building out the largest global arbitrage platform in the crypto space was the foundation for why we co-founded Block by Block Capital. Since then, I’ve led our expansion from arbitrage and mine optimization consulting into a global firm with the one-stop-shop ability for investment and growth activities, including bringing companies to market and driving post-launch operations that deliver value.


With an educational background in Business and IT Management, I spent 6 years deep in the global tech sector working with Amazon US; Coupang, a now $9Bn+ Korean unicorn; and Grab in Southeast Asia, pre-Uber merger. Before that, I co-founded two web-based start-ups, have always enjoyed emerging technology and tinkering with computers.


Over the years, I’ve focused on building, launching and iterating mobile-first consumer products and B2B platforms, with a data-backed track record of success. Because of my passion and expertise in the eCommerce and SCM industry I also spend free time consulting in this sector.

The explosion of blockchain technology and the paradigm shift in product development that comes with it drew me into the space in early 2017. Since co-founding Block by Block Capital, we’ve built out a global company footprint. My ultimate goal is to help the companies in this space build amazing products that are consumer friendly, widely adopted and truly revolutionary.

Alex Friedberg


Marketa Poskierova

Executive Assistant & Head of HR

With Sales and Account Management history, Marketa received her Master’s of Linguistics from Seoul National University. Speaking 4 languages at business proficiency allowed her to freelance for both government and corporate clients.


Marketa started as our Korean interpreter and operations admin, but has grown with our company to also cover our HR and recruiting needs.

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