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Our Beginning Blocks

Founded in early 2017 as a private fund, our co-founders established BXB Capital from their passion of emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Our initial building blocks started with crypto arbitrage and prop trading across the Korean-American markets.

Empowered by success, over the course of 2018 we established a prop trading arm and launched KRWb, the world’s first Korean Won fiat-backed stablecoin in a bid to solve underlying market efficiencies between Korea and the global crypto economy. In 2019, we successfully exited our stablecoin venture and partnered with industry giants who wanted access to the Korean markets.

As the global regulatory landscape becomes more clear, our strategy has been to diversify our portfolio across various investments and regional opportunities. Throughout 2020, our primary focus was to scale our tech team and technical trading capabilities to capture opportunity across the 24/7 crypto markets.

We never relinquish our pursuit of learning and always look to support the growth, collaboration and adoption of the industry, one block at a time.

Our Team


Alexander Petersen has been actively trading and investing since 2005. In 2007, he became the youngest licensed investment advisor in the State of Arizona. He earned his degree in Computational and Mathematical Finance from Babson College, the #1 ranked entrepreneurial school in the US, and leveraged it to help scale operations and develop proprietary trading algorithms for his family’s wealth management business.

After entering the crypto space in early 2017, his background in PC hardware allowed him to become a partner in a Bitcoin mining operation, driving operational and financial optimization and gaining significant exposure to the infrastructure side of the industry.

As a co-founder of Block by Block Capital, he led one of the largest Korean arbitrage firms during the “kimchi premium”. That success was furthered into the launch, and successful exit, of KRWb, a Korean stablecoin venture aimed at solving market inefficiencies for Korea’s isolated crypto markets, as well as leading Binance.KR’s Markets & Listings initiatives in 2020. A life of analyzing financial markets, building technical systems, and wealth management experience is what he brings to the fund and utilizes to drive alpha.

JJ Petersen


With an entrepreneur’s education in Business and IT Management from world-renowned Babson College, Alexander Friedberg has spent his career deep within the global tech sector. He has always enjoyed tech, emerging software and tinkering with computers, which led him to co-found two web start-ups during undergrad and ultimately go on to work for, Coupang in Korea (a now IPO'ed Unicorn) and Grab in Southeast Asia (pre-Uber merger).

The explosion of blockchain technology and the paradigm shift in product development that comes with it drew him into the space in early 2017. Since co-founding Block by Block Capital, he has focused on building out a global company footprint across Singapore, Korea, and USA. Over the years, he has focused on building, advising, launching and iterating large-scale, mobile-first products and both B2C and B2B platforms, with a data-backed track record of success. With the addition of recent experiences launching KRWb, the world’s first Korean Won stablecoin in 2019, and Binance.KR, the Korean branch of the industry’s giant Binance in 2020, he is well equipped to navigate the various technology aspects required for operating a systematically driven quant fund.

Alex Headshot 1.jpg

Alex Friedberg


Marketa Headshot.jpeg

Marketa Friedberg

Corporate Operations & Compliance

With Sales and Account Management history, Marketa received her Master’s of Linguistics from Seoul National University. Speaking 4 languages at business proficiency allowed her to freelance for both government and corporate clients.


Marketa started as our Korean interpreter and operations admin, but has grown with the company to cover all back-office, corporate operations, compliance and HR needs.

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