Career Opportunities

As our venture building operations expand, we need our team to grow so we can continue to deliver excellence across a harmonized business front. We have a presence in primary industry hubs such as US, Korea and Singapore, but have centered our operations to be primarily Singapore-based, keeping us as the forefront of the booming crypto industry. Join our team of passionate founders and help us on our epic adventure.

Our Leadership Values

Our values define who we are, how we operate and most importantly, how we behave.


We strive to embody our values in everything we do - whether it's our client meetings, internal discussions or Friday happy hour.

Open Positions

No open positions currently available

Rock Star Talent

If you share our passions and think you're the best at what you do then let us know. Our global structure and flexibility is always able to accommodate people who come to the table with a desire to execute or build. If you want to join our team in a capacity we haven't listed, then convince us why we can't succeed without you.

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